US President Donald Trump has condemned rioters who stormed the US Capitol building, saying he is “outraged” by the “heinous attack” while vowing to oversee an “orderly” and “seamless” transition to a Joe Biden administration.

@TheIronHeart He screamed for over 2 months about the "STOLEN!!" election, stirring 'em up to a fever pitch - and now he just meekly submits & throws his hapless suckahs under the (((bus))) like the bitch-slapped whore we knew he was.

Fuck him, his yidlet-pinching cunt of a daughter & the rest of his worthless family.

@NBForrest I despise him but I think some of his detractors are about as despicable as well, namely Grunter Wallace and Spencer. The election was fraudulent. If you can't accept that, you're just being driven by something else than the truth.

@TheIronHeart Sure it was, but it doesn't matter because he's a god damned faggot who didn't use the power he legally possessed.

@NBForrest I don't really understand why he got involved with all of this. His vain ego, I suppose, imagining himself as the president of America without realizing the consequences fully. I hate people who underrate our politicians etc but in his case I think it is possible he didn't fully understand what he got himself into.


@TheIronHeart He resolved to do it at that big dinner where Hillary Cunton, Obongo & all the other "elites" mocked & laughed at him. Pure impulsive rage. He knew how to do it: appeal to the ignored White middle & working classes - but he had no intention of following through for the suckahs; nah, he just used them, then tossed them aside like the trash he thinks they are, just like every other rich repuglicunt always has.

But hopefully this was one betrayal too far.

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