It's particularly encouraging when members of the peerage show anti-tickism.


So this Jewish Mafia which created "Covid--19" controls the government of Britain, her common-wealth countries, the U.S., Israel and the federal courts of those countries. So to protect their Jewish mafia crime syndicate, they accuse those exposing their crimes of doing "hate crimes". The true criminals are the Jewish mafia who lie about the so called "Holocaust" that never took place. It was this Jewish mafia itself that exterminated millions in Russia via the Bolshevist Revolution which they created. They thus created communism and via the Putin double control Russia. They control China.

So naturally, they will use their criminals who run the judicial systems in these countries to persecute those who expose their fake Jew mafia which operates out of the fake nation state of Israel and has taken-over the governments of many countries via voting fraud and their criminal rigged electronic voting machines.

it is via this system of fraud that over the years they have been placing key criminals into power and into positions of government, into health boards, infiltrating all institutions in order to set-up the pre-planned global Covid Crime Syndicate.

See this recent post of mine and my many previous posts exposing all of this:




@NBForrest And this here only goes to show you who the true royals are in Bongistan. It’s the kikes!

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