All these kike-brainwashed race traitor cunts love to cry crocodile tears and rend their rainbow-colored tie-dyed garments over the "genocide" of the wagon-burners. What you never hear any of them mention are injun atrocities against Whites at the beginning when we were weak & few in number, like the 1622 massacre at Jamestown when they slaughtered 400 or so Whites: a full third of the population in one fell swoop.

Indigenous Peoples™ .... from Asia.

"The historian T R Fehrenbach, author of Comanche: The History Of A People, tells of a raid on an early settler family called the Parkers:
John Parker was pinned to the ground, he was scalped and his genitals ripped off. Then he was killed. Granny Parker was stripped and fixed to the earth with a lance driven through her flesh. Several warriors raped her while she screamed."

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