The young of today have never known a time when faggots weren't held up as a smart, funny, brilliantly creative minority insanely persecuted by straight, mostly White "male" thugs. The kikes of course have not informed them that that minority of asshole-lickers commit over a third of child molestations, and a similarly disproportionate number of serial killings. Or that they go to very early graves due to their abominable filth.


shit on its tongue
blood on its hands
the homosexual
aint no man

@NBForrest tfw there are people born after 9/11 that have never lived in a world without omnipresent internet surveillance
@NBForrest I hate people who unironically think gays are valuable more than faggots.

All the malevolence of a fag would get shut down at a moments notice. The problem is beyond retarded straight allies fighting for the justice of fags raping kids.
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