It has been promoted from the start on that site, most often through that odious Frenchman Faye. It's curious.

John Morgan August 5, 2022 at 10:16 am
This is the sort of shit-tier logic that leads people to think that the US attacking Iraq or Syria is justified because it’s somehow allegedly pro-white. Neoconservatism dressed up as White Nationalism doesn’t belong at Counter-Currents.

"What is necessary in the long term is a subjugation of China and a shattering of their dreams for revenge. Having wrested from the Soviet Union the title of Leader of the Outer Revolt, they are now the greatest civilizational threat to white people and are fueled by dangerous levels of resentment against us. This is and will remain true regardless of who holds power in the West."


@TheIronHeart "So just quit your bitching, suck it up & get behind the jews & their race traitors like Asshole Eyes Biden pushing open borders & globohomo."

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