Don't mistake the dislike kikes display for you, Christians: it's not fear, it's contempt.

@NBForrest it's always telling how these xtian morons go on about jews hating jesus when maybe 1/1000 kikes ever even mentions the guy. this is a version of the anonymous pedocomix problem - these xdoggers cannot imagine people (or other species) that dont think the way they do. they cannot think outside their retarded frame that isnt even their own - they got it from the very people they cant perceive accurately. ironies never stop never stopping. fucking pathicker than a street-crossing sqrl


@Alex_Linder Kikes don't fear or even respect Christers because they know that in the end, they're simply not a serious threat: the jew software is their ultimate safeguard.

"M-Must not k-kill them...Gawd's Chosen...Gawd's C-Chosen..."

@NBForrest in one hand collect jew quotes against Whites; in the other against xtians. see which gets filled first.

christ clubbers refuse to accept the evidence of their own senses and experience. they're unworthy of respect for that reason, along with many others.

@Alex_Linder They've traded their nations, their material prosperity & their dignity for jewy pie in the sky when they die.

@NBForrest thing to me, from day one, when i was a tot and they were pushing this horseshit was

but your story involves someone coming back from the dead.

you do realize that doenst happen, right? RIGHT?

just like the meme actually.

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