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Having children and a family on one income is possible. Are you willing to sacrifice your beer, restaurants, video games? If not, well you're a fag and won't be having one anyway.

Jews are the incarnation of chaos and entropy.

Whites are the incarnation of order and synergy!

“Merry Christmas”

It’s an intelligence test.

Say it … you failed.

O2 resliced

America is completely corrupt yet completely christian.

How can we reconcile these facts?

@Alex_Linder read the posted arts by Emanuel Pastreich on KT. Never heard of US tech, etal having so much neg influence in China. Poor bastards. Doesn’t surprise cuz jews. Read more P arts - very rah rah muh constitution, writes in flowery, excessive generalities.. part truth, lots of wtf. Never mentions jews. Controlled opp of sorts? Dunno.

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that trump card stuff is literally am cringesten as germans might say

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read Mein Kampf. the entire concept Fuhrerprincip is basically let talent rise - by proving itself. that works.

And if you haven't guessed, I hate that bitch

I'm posting this meme because it reminds me of one of my daughters-in-law. She became an EMT and has subsequently injected 100's of people will the "kill" shot. In my eyes, she's a murderess. To top it off, her careless, negligent actions (non-EMT related) and belief in "girl power" caused the death of a man, for which she was never held criminally or civically responsible

O2 resliced

Expelling jews is not the way to deal with them.

Just what in the hell is a "Christian Nationalist"? Contradictory terms - right? Just another made up, multi-syllabic phrase that sounds impressive but doesn't mean shit!

Is there a problem with dailyarchives.org?
Haven't been able to get to that site for days. Thought my ISP might be blocking it, but i can't get to it even on TOR. Thanks.

The spread of the dreaded Monkey Pox is either by magic or bull shit. I'm thinking it's not the former.

40 billion to Ukraine? How anti-Semitic. A new bill must be immediately drafted to send Israel a minimum of 41 billion - plus reparations, fees, interest, hurt feelz, etc

Christians: "We need a savior to save us from our sins."

1. Curricular reasoning.
2. That we need a so-called "Savior" admits the failure of "God".
3. Admits "God" is not omnipotent.

Finding out how many people do not know how to tie their shoe laces. Very surprising. Was invited a neighbor's large family get together. They took their shoes off just inside the door and left them in a pile. All the shoes with laces - not one tied correctly. My wife's boss, in her mid-40's, can't tie her shoes. Neighbor lady in her 70's, can't tie her shoes. How do something like this come about.

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