i'd put it like this: i dont know to what extent corona is real vs one of the same old cold virus family. dont really care. what matters is the reaction, which was used by the elite to attack trump and the classes they hate: whites, white men, white small business owners.

i also know: no numbers from CDC or (((media))) can be trusted, they are all worthless. and i know that wearing masks does nothing to stop spread of disease. i dont know whether it increases the spread.


@Alex_Linder who can still think Zio Jew York City Don, "mentored" by (((Roy Cohn))), was (likely) ever anything but a Jewish planned con?

Not buying the idea that Jewry ever opposed Zio Don any more than they "oppose" christianity.

Reverse psychology,to bait "Jew-aware" Aryans & sow chaos among them,& to perhaps also make the internet the new tv.

Would Jews not sacrifice 99% of all Jews globally if it means killing 100% of Aryans?Their legacy media was already failing prior to Trump.

@PsychelonB they use whatever happens. that's the beauty of having a serious, powerful, high-level network: very little catches you off guard, very little you cant use. even if you dont like something (and i dont believe they planned trump), you can quickly turn most anything to your advantage. jews work as a team. whites work as deracinated individuals. we see the results. if whites work as a team, it's called "nazis" and...they begin to win instead of lose.

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