cuck means christian

it's the same word, different spelling

You know who hates Christians more than larpy pagans?
@Lollapaloozar @Alex_Linder
That's why the Talmud says that Jesus is boiling in shit in hell right?

@Big-Fungus @Alex_Linder, quite possibly a reference to a different yeshua; & even if it isn't, so what?

They despise Aryans first & foremost.

Linder's already raised a million utterly devastating rhetorical questions for deeply conflicted/confused/lost Aryans (like you seem to be).

If Jews can Hellstorm German children w/white phosphorous bombs, why haven't they done so to xtianity? why is christ-treason still tax exempt?

Keep on believing you haven't been conned.

@Big-Fungus, the jews criticize & mock (but refrain from actual persecution) christ-treason b/c they know simpletons & proud weaklings will automatically feel, "omg jews say they 'fear & hate' muh logos! therefore i say, 'logos rising!' hail rabbi yeshua! based jesus!i drank muh blood of yeshua every weak-end!"

It's called reverse psychology

Most folk are so small minded & arrogant that they refuse to consider the possibility of having been conned.

Thanks for proving the point.

I'm not a Christian and I don't think it's "based".
I just think you boomer fedoras are massive faggots.

@Big-Fungus, yet,you still capitalize the word, "christian."

Sure, kind of a minor thing...maybe even petty;but it does indicate you seem to hold some sort of reverence for it.

Most christians nowadays are secularists who adhere to the ethics/morality of christ-treason...they don't think of themselves as christians (b/c they solely conceptualize it in it's older theological forms),yet,they are.

So, what do u believe in,then?Mycelium?

Many ppl are massive faggots;congrats,jackass

It's called autocorrect you massive fucking sperg. I'm not going out if my way to replace the word Christ with an x or whatever you gay retards want everyone to do.
The Christians are seeming more and more correct with every fedora hellthread
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