Who cares what jews want?
Who cares what niggers want?

Fuck them.

@Alex_Linder, that (((christ-rat))) @mystik inspired these memes (thanks christ-traitor).

FDR christ-madness quote 1

(will require lots of posts to minimize mixing them all up, same images used repeatedly)


@mystik, y'all sure love ovening the only Aryans who actually resisted jew ruled countries

no matter what you (wrongly,dumb shit) call me & whatever lies you tell yourself, you're a traitor.

Is it peer pressure? or the fact your asshole sweats so many gallons whatever semblance of a brain you have leaks out upon thinking of the jewish story of eternal damnation..

scared of jewish volcano demons your mommy taught you about when you were a widdle boy,& anyone who tries to free ya is a "jew" LOL

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