wow I’m so glad these fearless doctors are here to save us from cheap, effective medicines

@deprecated is the FDA in a Holy Crusade to nuke their credibility in a single year? 🤔
@MechaSilvio theyre post-credibility. That's why they are moving away from persuasion and moving into coercion like the vaccine mandate. It's a transition from soft to hard power. They no longer need credibility. You're just going to do what you're told or else

@NEETzsche @deprecated yeah but why doing this on medical field. They're unhinged and retarded. I could think tens of things to go hard power on, while leaving medical field pristine as a source of legitimacy (i.e. Cuba)

@MechaSilvio @deprecated I have a theory on this. It’s worth noting that this kind of authoritarian technocratic credentialism is gaining ground in all manner of things, not just medicine. Education comes to mind.

And it has to do with intergenerational conflict. See, millennials were told to go and get a degree. They were told by their Boomer parents to do this. Then, when they got the degree, it didn’t mean anything. They were left with hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt. Now millennials are really taking the reins of the civilization.

So their degree in whatever, which they were told to get by their elders, and then were told meant nothing by those same elders, and were destroyed for getting? The revenge is not just that the degree matters. It’s that the degree becomes the only thing that matters:

“The medical establishment has decided that the vax is the correct choice. That MAKES it the correct choice. You’re getting it. Or you’re ruined. PERIOD.”

It’s about a combination of revenge and more importantly vindication. Naturally, Jews are exacerbating this issue for their own gain.

@NEETzsche,i like the theory.

If it's true,we need a better way to do revenge against Der Eternal Boomer,b/c they do deserve an awful retribution imo

There's another reason why we despise Boomers, whether we realize it or not:

They were the first gen to totally invert the sexes insofar as how they treated their kids

My parents are Boomers

My little sisters were destined to conquer the universe & could do no wrong;i could do no right & basically had no biz ever leaving the house on my own



@NEETzsche,didnt matter that,unlike my sisters,i was a yr + half younger than 95% my classmates in grammar school & still always "outperformed" my sisters academically.Damn right,i despise them for this & the rest of their Boomerdom

The same applied to male peers.We damn well better "perform" so our Boomers could take credit.Behind the scenes,they did nothing but tear us down & sabotage us while trying to buy us off w/stuff so we'd be dismissed as "ungrateful spoiled shits" if we spoke up


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