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jew = nothing to offers (NTOs)


robbers & racketeers (RRs)



@TheIronHeart, thank you bro!

Here's another good source for free books:

@Alex_Linder, ...(christ-madness is) a rubber knife laced with copious quantities of Estrogen

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christianity is bringing a rubber knife supplied by your enemy to a gunfight.

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An Ancient Structure in Israel Long Thought to Be a Synagogue Is Actually an 1,800-Year-Old Roman Temple

"This is the second such time a building excavated at the site was wrongly identified as a synagogue, as experts have worked to better understand the history of the region and the pagan populations that once called it home."

@Alex_Linder, were (((christ-rats))) not so corrosively dangerous to all that matters, their madness might be entertaining

I guess that's what happened.

The Romans who encountered the earliest christ-maggots (jews, non-white slaves, & chaos-loving Aryan whores) laughed

They should've mobilized a la the campaign against the cult of Dionysus/Bacchus, & unsheathed their swords instead


Incredible they openly waged such a campaign when the rot was apparently deep.

@Alex_Linder, i like the quote,"the burned hand teaches best"

Perhaps that was true,before christ-madness was imposed upon us

Widely prevalent among Aryans is a remarkably stubborn refusal to learn from "the burned hand"

Even many of the best Aryan men still seem incapable of intellectually facing certain truths

"We solve the 'JQ' by deporting those damn jews"

"lets re-enslave the blacks & jews!!"

"This time,doing the [thing that's *always* been an unmitigated disaster] will create utopia"

@Alex_Linder, Putin could take down the jews, if he so wished.

A covert assassination campaign (of the key jews & "saturday goy" traitors) could be waged by Spetsnaz/Alpha Group.

All he'd have to do is push the button while simultaneously avoiding getting Doctor's Plot-ed like Soso/Koba/Stalin.

Naturally, he won't do this.

(Unless he's more of a Palpatine/Darth Sidious than Palpatine/Darth Sidious himself)

@Alex_Linder, cant remember if i sent you this gem of a story or not. Its been about 2 years since this story first broke.

Jew Orleans (((catholic))) priest arrested for having filmed himself throwing an orgy with dominatrix-es in the "house of yahweh" ( ̶e̶x̶t̶o̶r̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶̶c̶e̶n̶t̶e̶r̶ "church")

Cuck bishop claims " have burned the desecrated altar"

Maybe the clergy is trying to "get back to the basics" (of degeneracy & civilization wrecking??)

@Alex_Linder, "cucks cite orwell; men cite hitler"

-Highly quotable & insightfully succinct,as usual.

Putin, however, leaves much to be desired (recent quote of Putin 👇)

"The Kiev regime deployed more gangs of international mercenaries and nationalists..."

What the hell does that even mean?


"Muh evil nationalism, muh evil Nazism, muh motherland's 'great patriotic war'"

(Source: )

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@Alex_Linder, these 140 homeless will blow through that within 3-7 days.

Fun fact, America has approximately 7 empty liveable houses for every 1 homeless hominid.

The majority of these empty but liveable houses are hoarded by "investors."

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Schaefer gives an insightful, simple explanation for why Jews condone raping Gentile babies (see Talmud).
"Why do they do that? Do they do it because it's enjoyable? Do they do it to teach the girl something about sex? No. The real reason why the Jews exhibit this kind of behavior is to practice overcoming empathy because if you have any empathy in you whatsoever, then you will have problems doing what a good Jew does."

@Alex_Linder, monkey qweeen "be gettin down wit doze luxary flights cuz dem crackas be threat'n dem jenny's on da block, & sheyeeit"

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new TeamWhite with alfred schaefer, political prisoner in germany, as you will recall, and of course Jan in South Africa and i

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when it comes to Hitler and NS and the rest, the 'right wing' suddenly becomes fully as dishonest as the left -- in fact, matches it perfectly. not a single claim, assertion or even translation can be trusted.

if only one could educe an explanation for this bizarre phenomenon

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the real JQ is




you racist haters.

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