@Alex_Linder, as you've undoubtedly heard, Hitler said that Americans are so used to a criminal gov't that we cannot even imagine a just gov't,so we assume gov't is inherently & irrevocably evil

Semi-related worth reading article:


Worked shy of 4 yrs as first mate (glorified deckhand):towboating.

Thot's,who were already paid about the same as us,for cooking food comfy inside the boats,were becoming captains,claiming their cooking was "deck time";US coast guard agrees

@Alex_Linder, it'd be awesome for you to do D.Irving's "Goebbels: Mastermind of the 3rd Reich"

Irving claims Goebbels basically forced Hitler to run for high office. Hitler was opposed to doing so & complacent.

At a rally, Goebbels announced Hitler was running anyway & fait accompli'd him...Hitler was apparently mad at Goebbels & still came close to refusing to do so until sanity prevailed.

Naturally, eventually Hitler saw the wisdom of it & acted like it was his own idea

Hail Goebbels!

@TheMadPirate @Jdogg247, that jelly donut bastard loves a lot more by the backdoor

@TheMadPirate,gotta love our dear Aryan "goddesses"

Rant:leaving our kids, especially our sons, alone with women on a daily basis is akin to tying a baby's hands & leaving it on the shore of a river infested with Nile 🐊's & expecting it to thrive

I read somewhere that the ancient Greeks had some term i wish i had written down about a perpetually stunted+emasculated male which basically meant "boy with mother"

These bitches work as a team as mommies to change society,to pursue their whims

@Jdogg247, they had Craig dress up as a female in some sort of video

Dennis Wise put the clip of it in his Communism By The Backdoor documentary

There's a whole section in that doc alleging holy-wood forces male actors to engage in faggot male orgies & how actors are forced to cross dress in order to get work... & that's the part where Daniel Craig is shown cross dressing

There really seems to be a faggot mafia generally subservient but sometimes overlapping with the dominant jews

@Alex_Linder, but there wouldn't be any trees left due to the demand for paper such a book would require...

Hordes of christ-rat Aryan males would cry so many tears that Jews global warming hoax might begin to seem plausible..

Adult thumb sucking would become a widespread cultural norm...

In other words, go for it!

A slick documentary would compliment it nicely,& it'd be a great opportunity to expose female nature since they were most of the early "converts" who were actual Aryans

PsychelonB resliced

catholicism is off the rack one-size-fits-all

aryanism is bespoke

you will develop and flourish in an all-Aryan society in a way you never will in an all-catholic society like brazil

@NEETzsche,didnt matter that,unlike my sisters,i was a yr + half younger than 95% my classmates in grammar school & still always "outperformed" my sisters academically.Damn right,i despise them for this & the rest of their Boomerdom

The same applied to male peers.We damn well better "perform" so our Boomers could take credit.Behind the scenes,they did nothing but tear us down & sabotage us while trying to buy us off w/stuff so we'd be dismissed as "ungrateful spoiled shits" if we spoke up


@NEETzsche,i like the theory.

If it's true,we need a better way to do revenge against Der Eternal Boomer,b/c they do deserve an awful retribution imo

There's another reason why we despise Boomers, whether we realize it or not:

They were the first gen to totally invert the sexes insofar as how they treated their kids

My parents are Boomers

My little sisters were destined to conquer the universe & could do no wrong;i could do no right & basically had no biz ever leaving the house on my own


@Jdogg247, this is just bait...reverse psychology

"zho-noooo,we dont want fake racist Israel+nigger loving Zio Don back in office,it's our greatest fear"

If they really wanted to unperson Zio Don, they'd have a total blackout about him, instead there are tons of stories about him where they're giving him publicity. He's their fail safe backup guy, false opposition, & they want to trigger you + me into supporting him in a knee jerk fashion

And we keep falling for it

PsychelonB resliced

(((Christian churches))) should have their tax privileges revoked.

@Jonesy,And those too thoroughly contaminated need to go

I'll never forget this;around age 7,my boomer father told me how back in his childhood trains used to transport new cars openly on flat cars,no box around them,but stopped due to "niggers in the ghetto who threw bricks at the cars"

Weeks later,I used the word "nigger" in front of him,& he looked at me with shock & a seething disgust.He sneered,"you sound like a Nazi!" & acted like he had no clue where i heard such a word


@Jonesy, because they basically were born into a trash can which most those around them smashed relentlessly with baseball bats their entire childhoods.

And all of "society," along with whatever family they have, guided them over a cliff.

Take seeds of a tree from the Amazonian rainforest & try planting them in Death Valley.

Anyway, all these fags need to learn to be more afraid of pro-Aryans than of the system


@Alex_Linder, indeed.

Apparent Hitler quote i found in an old Renegade Tribune article's comments section attached:

PsychelonB resliced

An estimated 330,000 children were victims of sex abuse within France’s (((Catholic Church))) over the past 70 years, according to a report released Tuesday that represents the country’s first major accounting of the worldwide phenomenon.

The figure includes abuses committed by some 3,000 priests and other people involved in the church — wrongdoing that Catholic authorities covered up over decades in a "systemic manner," according to the president of the commission that issued the report

@Alex_Linder,& Aryan males embracing a tournament style of:"for x number of (((enemy scalps))),winner gets to do a 'male empowerment' marriage to my young untainted daughter" is a device for turning the simping lemon into lemonade.Add land to prize,& a party may start

(it'd be a trick convincing simps to embrace + apply the male empowerment aspect,hope I'm wrong though)

I'd be in favor of considering allowing harems to early adopters as incentive,if it motivates Aryan men to actually fight IRL

PsychelonB resliced
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