@Shadowman311 'Versace'? Yeah, nothing White about that, lol.

@weareallgonnadie Are they going to subpoena my medical records? Unless they start a registry like they have for kids, they have no way of confirming that someone is vaccinated.

RaHoWarrior resliced

all perverts online are just politicals. real perverts focus on their perversion, they dont have time for prancing around advocating their 'version.

@Marko Such a simple concept needn't be explained to most adults. You are speaking of the salute anachronistically. It doesn't exist in any official or military context anywhere, for now, But the salute has always been used by civilians, (US school kids did it daily). This use has been just as casual and enthusiastic as it is today. Your desire to arbitrarily restrict its use to a single context that, at present, requires a time machine, is odd. It will never be and lacks any utility, for now.

@Marko @isol8 Like anything that doesn't die out the gesture has evolved and acquired associations and connotations far removed from its origin but also more relevant to the men using it than Roman military etiquette could possibly be.
Certainly ts power to invoke emotion has not diminished.
Why for you the emotion should be resentment I am not sure. It seems rather unfortunate since it is done only by those (presumably) on your side and will continue long after you have gone. Banned or not.

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