Don't think you'll need that special sunglasses anymore to see what's going on.

ADL: ''Anti-Semitic hate crimes at an all time high! jews are victims of vicious attacks and terrible hatred!''

Apparently there are so much ''hate crimes'' committed by ''White Supremacist Terrorists'' that the ADL needs to hire other jews to paint Swastikas on buildings and carry out bomb threats on jewish centers.

Nothing to see here folks, move along now.....

Naming the jew is the right thing to do. We. Are. Everywhere.

Our total defeat is impossible, unless we make it inevitable.

WhitePills are in short supply these day's. I'm seeing more and more BlackPilled folks, or people who have a defeatist attitude. The revolution starts with you my dear brothers and sisters. Hail Victory!

Amsterdam, 01-06-2020.

5000, mostly Whites, gather at the Dam in support with the BLM. Joined by the left wing politician and now major of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema. Amsterdam has become a leftist stronghold where Whites are now a minority.

I wonder how many Americans now share the same sentiment in 2020

You should've listened.

Power in the last resort is possible only where there is strength, and that strength lies not in the dead weight of numbers but solely in energy. Even the smallest minority can achieve a mighty result if it is inspired by the most fiery, the most passionate will to act. World history has always been made by minorities.

In the end, blood is stronger than any documents of mere paper. What ink has written will one day be blotted out by blood.

-Adolf Hitler

Came to check out this site after a recommendation from Jan Lamprecht.

I colorize, o.a WWII photos.

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