We're not getting raped like the brit kids and the nordics, but we do have to put up with more anti-White bullshit everyday..

@RandolphScott im sorry i read the billboard twice and i cannot find "The Lie".

@RandolphScott Im in Greece right now. But im going back to Germany soon.

The response to corona I really think shows the superiority not just of the German people which is kind of obvious but the current state/country of Germany.

Relatively early on you had to weak a mask in stores. But we never had this obvoxious push that's still going on in the states and the results were very good.

The advantage of Germany has never been clearer is what I mean.

@RandolphScott one of the biggest conservative lies is that "leftism" is more important than genetics.

This is not true in the slightest. Jews and niggers in your actual country matter 100 times more than laws or political opinions.

@RandolphScott I always find it funny when conservatives say how nice things are going in Poland and Russia and Hungary but NOT in Germany when you know they are literally right there. Obviously their success is our success

@Someguy the problem with Germany for the rest of us is that Germany is the powerhouse behind the EU.
Without Germany, no EU.
All these EU laws trump our nations laws and screw us...

@RandolphScott what you mean is no white people no nation, welcome to the world. Jews using the power of whites against themselves is the story of our time.

@Someguy the EU was probably great at the start. All the money for small countries to finance projects, but then it bit them in the arse with all these agreements signed.
I'm sure Greeks hate the EU.

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