Affirmative Action: Jasmine Twitty, 25, nigger, the youngest judge in the history of the United States...

@RandolphScott this is yet another example of something Germany (I mean the modern state of) would never do.

@Someguy it's only a matter of time before it all turns to shit for all of us.

@RandolphScott I understand what you mean but there are some pro white forces at work as well as anti white ones.

The weaker the usa, the more the knee is lifted of the neck of whites globally

@Marko @RandolphScott I would be very interested to see how her life continues. I het she marries a white dude. Women always grab status when they can

@Marko @Someguy @RandolphScott you wouldnt think we were that far gone yet, but....we are

standards is a racist concept invented by white men to give themselves an unfair advantage

@Alex_Linder @Marko @Someguy
Multiple choice questions to become a judge.. For fucks sake...
Like were they the easy questions on who wants to be a millionaire -
1 obviously correct answer,
and 3 obviously incorrect answers...

@RandolphScott @Marko @Someguy sucks to live in most of the south, it's just loaded with retarded niggers.

@RandolphScott @Marko @Someguy

i would love to see a copy of the test. i would bet that 3/4th of white fifth graders could pass it.

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