@RandolphScott better than no.thing. I don't see any naming of the (((judeo.christcucks))) & the "out of touch elites" is just.

Cringe.They KNOW exactly what they're doing.
During WWII, Hitler was loathe to put his volk through the ordeal of total mobilization, until it was too late, as David Irving documented. People's feels cannot be spared,they need the whole truth.It'll help to find serious ppl. Europeans suffer from CPTSD & Learned Helplessness, (imo).Trauma is quickest reprogram of mind.

@PsychelonB I've met some of these people. You can have great conversations and agree on everything up until.... "Ireland was always a Christian nation"...

@RandolphScott so true! A concept called "Amygdala Hijacking's" can help explain what causes what you described.

From their POV, anything that threatens a christian's "faith" threatens to cause them to go to Hell after death.This perceived threat *unconsciously* activates their Fight or Flight survival system which causes blood to flow OUT of the rational structures of their brain's & into primitive survival mode.Releases a flood of stress hormones & Adrenalines.They feel their lives r threatnd

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