@RandolphScott That bitch wouldn't dare do that to her rainbow rentakids nor would the (((media))). Since when did grooming a child to change sexes become the cultural norm instead of what it is, child abuse. And where is the church on this "immorality", too busy defiling young children i guess.

@RandolphScott Any "mother" who talks about her flesh & blood like that should be forbidden children. That rubber-lipped commie cunt should be impaled ass-to-mouth Tepes style, and her beloved mud menagerie deported.

I really would have thought Pitt would have put his foot down on that one, but I guess they all really are satan worshippers.
@wishgranter14 @RandolphScott I've never imagined Brad Pitt as Based - I think there's a good chance that all the current Hollywood "studs" and "tough guys" have not only sucked dick to get ahead, but that there's video evidence of this, hence why they'll never ever blow the whistle on the likes of Weinstein or the Hollywood pedophile network.
@ChristiJunior The fate of that poor kid proves meme malware kills.
@judgedread I also saw a post today where a tranny credited MovieBob with saving him from GamerGate and helping him become a "transwoman".
@ChristiJunior My life is richer having never heard of 'Moviebob' until now.

Youtuber? Do not link, if so.
@judgedread I think he might have worked for The Escapist back in the day, now he probably has a YouTube channel and/or his own site to shill his garbage.

He's also an openly evil person who says out loud all the things that you accuse leftists of thinking about rightwingers and White males.
@RandolphScott As horrible as this is, at least that genetic line ends here. :shrug_kon:
@RandolphScott Cancel culture only goes for words because the moment tangeable defcon 6 child abuse is on grounds for any amount of public scorn, every coastal celebrity loses their gmail account and livelihood faster than Ben Shapiro can recite the Grapes of Wrath.
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