I Iistened to the full 3 hours of Maria Farmer.
My takeaway is -
Les Wexner is the head of the snake, jewish mafia/israeli intelligence.
They are jewish supremacists and hate Whites
Maxwell was under him and assigned and funded by him to procure White girls with Epstein.



"Wexner and Epstein were always doing money laundering with real estate."

"Wexner controlled everything but no1ever saw him"

Wexner owns Columbus, Ohio.

Maria was living in Wexner house but never seen him, and she wasn't allowed to go outside.
There were underground tunnels to enter rooms secretly.
She thinks Wexner was actually gay and his marriage was a set up.
Abigail Wexner was a wicked bitch apparently.

Maria named Epstein in 1996, FBI did nothing.
She thinks the FBI were in on it and was created to protect these people.

They used a woman called Katie Ford, who's mother was a partner of Jean luc brunel, to give the appearance of a modelling agency..

"New York academy of arts was a paedophile ring"
Eileen Guggenheim tried to pimp Maria off to be "life partners" with men including David Schaeffer and John Paulson "who created the financial crisis"

"Epstein wasn't very intelligent but was charismatic, he could convince you that he could change the world for you"
Ghislaine and Eileen Guggenheim were "verbally violent and vicious"


"All the employees were jewish"
"all the children that were raped were never jewish"

"They think their DNA is better than everyone else’s"

"They destroyed all of us on purpose"

"They really believe they are chosen"
Referred to non jews as "nobody"

Guggenheim and Maxwell said things to her, for example
"you're nobody because you're not jewish"
"useless White girl"

Only 30 women have come forward. Victims number in the 1000s..

"All the jews I met happen to be paedophiles, ran the economy"

@RandolphScott The talmud excuses paedophilia if it's with a non-Jew.
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