@RandolphScott Explains why a lot of black people really think they're being hunted by police. BLM's Marxist roots are really showing.
@ArdanianRight @RandolphScott Well, if they thought that, would they really be chimping out and looting like they do? If their Narrative about the police was true, that kind of behavior would probably result in them being killed.
@ChristiJunior @RandolphScott The people out looting and the people who think they're being hunted may or may not be the same. And black people with schizophrenia or drug problems might already be prone to such beliefs and it could make them more likely to lash out violently.
@ArdanianRight @ChristiJunior @RandolphScott
Add to that all the Hollywood propaganda about the KKK, slavery and Jim Crow and yes, you can make those people believe that slavery and segregation are still a thing....
And oh! Did I forget the NYT "1619 Project" ?

@RandolphScott @Rosamonde

How brainwashing really works...

Screen shot from E. Michael Jones, Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control (2000)

Scheins full report here: archive.org/search.php?query=c

Bonus PDF of LD: www21.zippyshare.com/v/UAU0k8P

@isol8 @RandolphScott Zippyshare link doesn't work (returns 403 - forbidden) can you reupload it to catbox.moe?

@Rosamonde @RandolphScott

It's working on my end but I will try to re-upload it no problem

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