"Jewish Ritual Killings have been occurring for over thousands of years"

"Around 300 BC, A “Tophet” was used to burn alive children in Carthage."

"First report of Greeks being kidnapped by foreign men for the purposes of a ritual slaughter"

"Various reports of child sacrifices in the first millennial."

"In the year 1144, shortly after Jews were allowed in England to assist the King in collecting taxes, the ritual murder of the child, William, was so horrific that he was made a Saint and was remembered for centuries until the Church became politically correct."

"The documentation of William’s murder becoming publicized gave courage to many others to document many other Jewish Ritual Murders, which eventually led to the expulsion of Jews in England."

"After their expulsion from England, the Jews continued their practice of ritual murder in Germany, Austria, Italy to only face very harsh repercussions. One notable martyr was the child, Anderl von Rinn."

"A sad and horrible account of the ritual slaughter of the child, Simon, in Trent, Italy in 1475"

"In 1485, another child was canonized after being murdered by the jews, and Cardinal Ganganelli, who later became the Pope, made a public statement acknowledging the Sainthood of Simon and Anderl as both were brutally murdered by jews. ."

"The Lutheran Church had an official policy to be aware of the jews given their history. By this time, the jews’ reputation caught up with them again in Spain. In 1492, a child named Christopher was murdered and Queen Isabella of Spain expelled the jews."

"In the 16th and 17th centuries, Jewish ritual killings of children continued in Eastern Europe and were numerous that at least 250 murders were noted by a well-known historian, Montague Summers. "

"More documentation and books were made giving accounts of Jewish ritual murders of children. By this time in the 17th and 18th century, there was no doubt of Jewish ritual killings given the modus operandi."


"Many ritual murders took place in the East by Sephardic jews as documented by Sir Richard Francis Burton."

"From the late 18th to the mid-19th century, more Jewish ritual killings are documented including that of Father Thomas and Abrahim Amara."

"Jewish ritual killings continued in the late 19th century including one incident in New York City. "

"The kidnapping and horrible murder of Andrei Youshchinsky in Kiev, Russia in 1911. The accused jew was found not guilty at trial. The trial commenced when Russia was taken over by the Bolshevik revolution."

"Jews made a Kangaroo court out of the Andrei Youshchinsky trial. The prosecutor, G.G. Zamyslovsky, wrote a book documenting the trial. Zamyslovsky was eventually killed by the Bolsheviks for writing the book, which classified until 1997."

"The most notable Jewish occult right killing in the United States is the murder of Mary Phagan. The gruesome killing of Mary Phagan led to the creation of the Anti-Defamation League, which then had the sole purpose of defending the convicted killer, Leo Frank."

"Even Oprah Winfrey had on her show a woman, who came from a Jewish family that practiced Jewish Ritual Killing"

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