those are imperishable souls of inestimable value, according to catholic scientists

permission to guffaw, sirs


@RandolphScott "if heaven aint a lot like 'babwe" as the song goes

@Alex_Linder i listened to your Eli Ravage audio on the learning college recently, was a really good listen.
i don't know how any1 can consider themselves christian and WN at the same time.

@RandolphScott, Linder is the best mind I know of produced by 'murica since R.Oliver, or Pierce. If just 15% of the racialist "movement" were to listen to & apply what Linder says, Aryans would probably have an independent ethnostate within 15 years.

Instead, this is generally the dominant position: occidentaldissent.com/2021/04/

Read David Irving's "Mastermind" bio (of Goebbels, if you havent yet). It's damn inspiring, & very relevant. N.S. fought.

No "but muh optics! Muh pacifism! Muh rabbi yeshu"

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