"Spain mobilizes the Army in the autonomous of after the irregular entry of more than 5,000 Moroccans in 24 hours"

"Vid of a teenage Spanish girl working for the Red Cross, embracing a crying migrant who has just illegally crossed the border in is going viral in Europe. European anti-immigration parties are usually supported by 10+pct points more men than women"

"Spanish patriots show up in front of the Moroccan Embassy to protest against the country’s decision to send tens of thousands of migrants toward the Spanish border. Spanish police officers beat up the protesters, using UFC-style leg locks"

African muds meeting up by the Spanish border fence yesterday in Melilla, preparing to storm it with swarm-tactics

Ribera Beach in Ceuta, .
The thousands of young adult African invaders who managed to breach the border fence a few days ago are settling in nicely

i imagine these migrants will be on their way from Spain to North and West Europe. The better countries...better for handouts.
These will be some of my new neighbours...

"Boat migrants recording themselves with their nice iPhones and jewelry as they cross the Mediterranean Sea, heading for a comfortable life in Europe"

@RandolphScott Mashing the calf muscle against leg bones like that is excruciating torture.

@NBForrest the cops are so bad in every country and they come down worst on their own race/ethnic group.
They do what they are told and enjoy the paycheck with the handsome overtime.

@RandolphScott Yes, in spite of the kikemedia lies, the cunts are afraid to attack niggers, so they take their frustrations out on the only targets they know Shlomo will idnore.

@RandolphScott what the fuck is going on in this video. The only reason I might believe this is real is because they didn't tell her what to do with her fucking hands

@RandolphScott After letting kikes in, letting bitches into voting booths was the greatest catastrophe. Their maternal instincts are totally indiscriminate, and will be lavished just as readily on any worthless nigger invader or "adorable!" lap dog as they would on the White babies they're intended for.

They're irresponsible mental children, and will destroy everything White men create if left uncontrolled.

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