@Hotstuff @RandolphScott That Wikipedia article intro was lots of mental gymnastics to not say what the Chink lady in the video is saying. "I thought this was a civilised nation; but it's actually full of Niggers and towel-heads".
@RandolphScott I've heard of this. There's actually a term for it, but I forget it. Tourists, specifically from Asian countries who grew up with Francophile propaganda, get blackpilled on their returns having seen the reality of the "romantic" city of Paris.
I can't believe that so many asians still think Paris is what it was 50 years ago, when it's a nigger tribal warzone
@hydramacready @RandolphScott
From what I know asians knowledge of European history and Europe in general is all over the place. Probably not helped by travel agencies selling the tourist cities as best thing since rice cooker to them.
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