People go into universities bright young people and go out brain dead...

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@RandolphScott It's a class thing with the Credential faggots: it's what separates them from the blue-collar "white trash" they hate with every fiber of their beings.

@RandolphScott politics wise I was stupider before university and gradually got smarter in university

@RandolphScott Alan Savory knows more about soil than anyone on earth. His grazing method should be mandatory. He's one of the greatest Australians who've lived or are yet to be born.

Same happens in social media. No one formulates their own opinions anymore, they just join a club, and then that club tells them how to think. โ€œDonโ€™t go out of the lane or we wonโ€™t follow you anymore.โ€

@RandolphScott Excellent video, it's the same in economics. The problem isn't science itself the problem is academia.
@RandolphScott Any education is in some way indoctrination. You're always trying to instill values of some sort. University is just a pillar of western liberalism, so it serves to indoctrinate people with 'western liberal values'. Anyone who's spent a decent amount of time in the tertiary system will tell you that critical thinking or actual intellectualism isn't rewarded. You're rewarded for showing how well you can follow instructions and do what you're told. Again, this is always a part of education, but it's become all that university is, and at its core, the 'values' are all jewish: diversity, multiculturalism, white-man-bad, etc.
So it's not surprising that people go into university and come out more fucked up, they're just imbibing in globohomo indoctrination while being told they're smart.
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