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For faggots who think @Alex_Linder is "too extreme", this kike advocating for murders of his political rivals is a current professor at Wayne St. in Michigan.
(image taken from Mike Enoch's telegram)

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A public school system in white countries is equivalent to open latrines in africa. It breeds all manner of feculence.

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@Roscoe Whites defending themselves described as "gutless" by the cops. POS is speaking about himself.

Abo torture house burned to the ground

"Queensland Police have revealed disturbing flyers were distributed just hours before a fire destroyed a house where the alleged torture of a teenage girl took place earlier this month.

Authorities previously confirmed that 3 young girls had been charged over the horrifying incident, which involved the 13-year-old female victim allegedly being tied up, knifed, burnt and hit with bottles in shocking footage shared on social media"

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Trooning is all about faking it till you make it.

You never make it, but that'll be our lil secret.

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@Someguy that's part of it but no amount of subsidy is going to persuade someone to cut off his dick. at least, that was my thinking prior to about three years ago.

even if everything else were correct, how could you possibly not see that installing a fake vagina in yourself was going to lead to endless terrible physical problems?

agog is one of the best words in english.

truly, only the young who have never had real phsyical problems would imagine you could mess w that stuff wo regret.

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So you're telling me that at the exact same moment the feds are fighting in the courts to uphold their pistol brace ban, we suddenly get a tranny school shooting using a pistol brace?

The Billionaire jews Pushing Synthetic Sex Identities

"In 2013, around the time gender ideology reached the level of mainstream American culture, Jennifer (born James) Pritzker announced a transition to womanhood. Since then, Pritzker has used the Tawani Foundation to help fund various institutions that support the concept of a spectrum of human sexes."

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What would an Aryan 'rabbi' be like?

It is a gross, great and complete mistake to conceive of jews as a religion or judaism as having anything to do with religion.

Religion is something jews use to hide behind and to fool goyim into misperceiving What Jews Actually Are. Which is a gene-based mafia bent on taking over the world.

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