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@Roscoe @NBForrest @Alex_Linder tumbleweave! It actually started me, I thought it was some sort of bizarre creature lol

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perversity is our greatest strength

you gonna eat that

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Yes, it's important to name and counterattack the jew.

But it's also important to flesh out the rest of your life, building one with your kindreds.

If everything else important gets shunted aside due to the defensive war against the Jews, then they've kind of already won. And that's a serious fact, it's not some lame principle like "The terrorists win if we become like them."

It's just a reminder that you need to build yourself to the fullest by engaging in more than just the war on Jewish white genocide. The stronger you are as a fully developed person, the more of a threat you are to them in the first place.

A Fire Department official claims a Brooklyn firefighter came down with COVID-19 after three Hasidic teenage boys in Borough Park taunted him about the coronavirus and one of the teens sneezed into the firefighter's face.

The letter claims the firefighter made repeated attempts to keep his distance from the boys, but one of them managed to sneeze into the firefighter's face before running off.