@spiritsplice @Frondeur
Sounds like the pock-faced cunt is begging for work. The yids put him on ice awhile back, and he's been limited to bit parts on TV shows ever since.

"you dont like twitter you stupid goy, build your own"

You dont like academy stupid goy, build your own. Is what she just said. Entitled wannabe elitists because my degree in POC, gender and hating my father(patriarchy) from the usurped institutes have trained her to be a good shabbas goy, anti-white.

@Frondeur @Ricotta @skylar

@Roscoe i dont believe james woods has friends...

@Ricotta @Roscoe Conservatives conserve

Jewish Power
Jewish occuption
Jewish Media
Jewish Banks
Jewish Control
JEwish Lies

Same with christianity and church's

Same gatekeeping from white power and white truth

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