Rodas only “recently started living her life authentically” after coming out to her friends and family as a trans woman six months ago, her younger sister, Susie Rodas, wrote in an online fund-raiser.

Death and the female penis are the arbiters of truth in The Current Year.
Did you finish decorating your tree yet?

@Roscoe I kinda finished decorating the tree but only in the sense that I'm no longer actively working on it. In truth I seldom really finish anything and I very much like it that way.

The only hard a fast rule I have concerning Yule trees is that the commencement of decorating precede the arrival of Thanksgiving and extend into the New Year when the price of next year's decorations are at their nadir.

It's a lot of work - I'm finishing mine up this week.
I got lucky this year and scored a box of these new ornaments that fell off the back of a truck on Mulberry street.

@Roscoe @JimmyMarr In an age of rampant transsexualism and genital mutilation, it's nice to see some guys still have balls.

@DaveNY @JimmyMarr
This Christmas, it’s Omertà vs Homortà
And this thing of ours will prevail.

@Roscoe they make it sound like “misgendering” was the cause of being dead on the side of the highway

@su That made me laugh, too.
They say Words Are Violence - and misgendering is the worst violence of all.

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