"whiteness isnt real"

stand before any white man of any religion, offer him two choices:

you can choose to live in an all-christian nation, or an all-white nation, which do you pick?


@Alex_Linder this doesnt work because they lie about everything.

One could just as easily say, don't go to work, just pray.

Or don't support any army.

But they don't do it.

@Someguy stupid response proves only you completely fail to grasp the point.

@Alex_Linder ok let be a bit more specific. If a tractor breaks on the farm or something else goes wrong, there's no praying involved. Things like experience, presence of mind etc are highly valued. There's no room for this idea that jesus can take the wheel.

My point is, they don't even believe what they say they believe. They are already total hypocrites in every aspect, yet one more clearly is not going to matter.

@Someguy @Alex_Linder Ask a hundred "christians" what one must do to be saved and you'll get one different answers.
Often they will quote a bible verse, but have n clue what it means.


@O2 @Alex_Linder I mean its not clear whether they understand or not because they don't act accordingly. In fact acting accordingly would be absurd so naturally they don't.

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