Again, you are retarded and have no idea what you are reading. You don’t understand context, or allegory. you cherry pick a few verses then ignore everything else. You act as if “God said this” while simultaneously ignoring the fact scripture can’t contradict, which makes your interpretations wrong.

In short, you are a pagan faggot, and your worthless pagan ancestors were put to the sword by Christians. If you exist, it’s only because they converted like bitches, or because your ancestors were shitheel faggot pussies who couldn’t fight and die on the field, so your blood line is pathetic and weak, and you should neck yourself.

@Xenophon @spiritsplice no this is moronic because anyone anywhere can be a Christian. There are no "Christian anscestors" and the fact that it won out makes it good is like arguing well pretty much anything that's going on right now is winning out (like I dunno mass nigger in the west) is superior. It's not. And there's going to be a reckoning because of it

Of course there is Christian ancestry. Adam and all of his descendants are a family. People outside of that bloodline are not Gods people, are not Christians. Your dog cant be a Christian.

@Xenophon @Someguy @spiritsplice
>People outside of that bloodline are not Gods people
But that's everyone

@Eris @Xenophon @spiritsplice yeah you stole my point but yeah exactly. We weren't talking about dogs

@Eris @Xenophon @spiritsplice In a way Christian Identity makes sense because this point that jews made this thing, we all either fell for it or were killed by people who fell for it, is a pretty solid one.

The counter is well white people made it. It ignores history but Christianity already ignores facts and logic so why not?

It depends on your perspective. For some it's even worse because they refuse to give up on something they essentially know is defunct but it can be less insane.

@Someguy @Xenophon @spiritsplice
>The counter is well white people made it.
The counter is that God made it.

@Eris @Xenophon @spiritsplice I mean if you aren't really pro white, I guess you should take a closer look at Africa and Detroit. I think it matters more than anything else and if you don't well let's see who is right. The problem is a lot of Christians know I'm right but they don't acknowledge that Christianity is fundamentally anti white. That's why CI exists

@Someguy @Xenophon @spiritsplice
Anti-Christian white identarianism is silly to me. You have just cucked yourself out of taking pride in basically all of recorded white history. For nearly 2000 years, "white people," and "Christendom," were synonyms.

I am not "pro-white," I am white. Insofar as my racial self interest is good, I engage in it. "Pro-white" is good for me, but it is not goodness itself. I cannot find meaning in the latter without having a foundation in the former. Metaphysically and Philosophically, atheist humanism is just cringe. I don't just want to win, I want it to be good that we win.

@Eris @Xenophon @spiritsplice but Rome and Greece and even Egypt you are just lying. There's plenty to be proud of

@Someguy @Xenophon @spiritsplice
>but Rome and Greece and even Egypt
But Rome and Greece and even Egypt what? Finish your sentences.

@Eris @Xenophon @spiritsplice were great white empires before jews came up with this scam

@Eris @Xenophon @spiritsplice they were the foundation of the entire world. That's all I am saying. Not Christianity

@Someguy @Xenophon @spiritsplice
God is the foundation of the entire world. Not some guys who piled up rocks.

@Eris @Xenophon @spiritsplice that's anti white slander. You fuckers were in the desert while Romans commanded the world. It's not even you as well it's jews. You are a Roman gone astray.

I think he's trying to imply that Christians are all ethnically semitic?

@Prude @Xenophon @spiritsplice @Eris no I'm not. They are white if they are white.

The religion was devised by jews to defeat their enemies the Romans. It worked and we had the dark ages. But white people managed to recover but the same bullshit (equality, turn the other cheek, we are all children of god) is working it's wonders yet again

@Eris @Prude @Xenophon @spiritsplice this is the thing Christians ignore all facts history logic because they have to. You can also say we all in the matrix or something. Let's try to live in reality. It's called the dark ages because it was a very big downgrade from what the Romans accomplished. It's dark relative to that.

@Someguy @Prude @Xenophon @spiritsplice

But that's simply not historically true. There were no dark ages. The Roman empire dissolved, but life goes on. The Romans continued their civilization in the west through the church. The people of Europe continued living their lives normally. They still farmed their food, milled their bread, and ate it.

"The Dark Ages" are a made up concept of post-enlightenment libtard academia. It didn't happen. 600-1066AD were not mud covered shit years where everyone was retarded. That's not real, that's hollywood.

@Xenophon @Eris @Prude @spiritsplice they just took down their biggest enemy. How is that dark? They emerged as winners.

@Someguy @Xenophon @Prude @spiritsplice

I don't know if I would consider your Kingdom collapsing, your eternal temple destroyed forever, your geneological histories burned so no one knows their tribe ever again, and being outcast to the pontic steppe to be inbred by mongols for a few centuries to be "winning."

@Eris @Prude @Xenophon @spiritsplice well read my next post, if that's the case you Christians really dropped the ball. And that is the point. That's why people like me are furious with it. Because it's so obvious what it's done. Why do jews now dominate the world?

@Eris @Prude @Xenophon @spiritsplice your feel good conservatism has been tried 1000 times has worked exactly no times. It doesn't feel that good when you always lose

@Someguy @Prude @Xenophon @spiritsplice

I don't know why you think I'm a "conservative."
You seem to be talking to an idea in your head, and not talking to me.

> It doesn't feel that good when you always lose
Lose what?
These sorts often talk in ways that make it sound like they believe the world is more ordered than it likely is

@Prude @spiritsplice @Xenophon @Eris lmao study some physics. The world is ordered. Like it or fucking not.

What the fuck are you talking about, yet again, between this and your other reply?

Telling me to study physics implies a really weird misunderstanding of my criticism regarding this almost gamey view you have on sociopolitical issues. You talk about this stuff like the world is filled with clean cut MMO factions or some retarded shit like that. Like many LARPers, you seem to think the world is top-down shaped by ideological forces rather than ideology being emergent from the conditions of reality.

I feel like you want it to be possible to just impose a great change of hearts and minds, as if there's monolithic swaths who just need to be hit with the right gotcha to flip and then every problem inherent to existence would conveniently fade away.

Jews generally suck on their own merits, sure, but pretending you in particular have unlocked the great secret of how history went wrong and that billions are completely incorrect to believe what they do requires a lot of hubris. Beyond that, your gripes seem predicated on strawmanning the beliefs of average Christians.

@Prude @Eris @spiritsplice @Xenophon here's what I'm telling you. Without attacking Christians at all. I have figured out and I am sure I have figured out what makes a neighborhood good or bad. And that's black and white.

You can debate that if you want but you'll have a hard time.

Some people only like to have historical arguments because they find it easier to lie (eg stacking rocks)


@Eris @Prude @Xenophon @spiritsplice what is this hypothetical? Honestly I've give you my real answer. Yes. I think uncle Tom is the way to go. Blacks are happier and richer that way

@Someguy @Prude @Xenophon @spiritsplice

>what is this hypothetical? Honestly I've give you my real answer. Yes.
That's my problem with supremacists. Your loyalty is based on your belief we are superior. If that changed, you would be loyal to someone else.

@Eris @Prude @Xenophon @spiritsplice sure that's reality based thinking. You cannot impose what you want on reality. And thats what you are doing. You are inditing yourself in fact by admitting you don't recognize reality if it conflicts with your beliefs

@Eris @Prude @Xenophon @spiritsplice what you just said is you want a belief so firm that you are willing to ignore facts and logic. That was already clear but you are admitting it now.

And you are right it is not a belief system. It is a practical approach. Who needs belief?

@Eris @Prude @Xenophon @spiritsplice you are really hitting on what the real poison is. White people are great at being practical and understanding reality without bias. Jew Jesus says eh who needs that? You want to have faith.

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