high-iq bible fans are always revealed in the end to be liars.

see what vox day wrote about PF the other day. he overtly lies that they werent unmasked and doxed when he knows they were.

so, when he knowingly lies, which = breaking a commandment, you tell me how seriously he or any of these are about xtianity? it's a con for mulcting simpletons.

any man with an IQ over 100 promoting (((jebooism))) is not to be trusted.


@Alex_Linder I know many of them in Germany. You can trust them as much as any other white person. And they aren't any dumber because of the belief. It's just toxic is the thing.

Like my story of my grandfather the commie. It doesn't hurt for a bit, in fact its pretty well the same but then...

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