for anyone who thinks musk is overly intelligent...his grasp of vaccine is on par with free speech

@Alex_Linder it's not unequivocal in the slightest. In fact there has never been a successful vaccination against a flu like disease due to mutation and hey wouldn't you know it that's what happened.

@Someguy look at the date on that. like to see him claim that now. there was no basis to claim it then either. the right intellectual interpretation of what has happened is that now, yes, all vaccines are thrown into question.

we who are jew aware should look at it this way: if the kikes are extremely concerned about what we see and hear, so that they control all mass media, are they going to be less concerned about "trusted medicines" that go in our body? the logic follows. meds = goycontrol.


@Alex_Linder but it is amazing to me how many people took Pfizer and Moderna when they didn't need to (j and j counts as fully vaxxed)

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