Hitler promoted auto racing, with the idea that it would help develop technology.

Now there's an IndyCar team promoting globalhomo. I decided to make my own counterpropaganda.

The reason Mia Farrow adopted Dylan instead of another gook is because Woody said he wanted a )))little blonde girl(((.

I've taken an interest in writing free verse hate poetry.

The jews are jewing Frank Herbert's classic book Dune hard.

Their new movie has the Fremen (Whites in the book) portrayed as mystery meat. The novel had many pro-White themes, and one can rest assured that the movie will either delete or twist them. Here's what Chani, the leading female Fremen character was supposed to look like vs. the nigger playing her:

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome kids are sometimes even uglier than ones with Down's. And the judenpresse is completely silent about the fact that this little cunt's cunt mother drank like a fish while pregnant.

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