"its kind of weird but a lot of Wikipedia pages have been removing peoples "Jewishness" from early life sections on Wikipedia. its kind of worrying as it seems they are trying to erase peoples Jewish roots for some reason. "


The food obelisk...

Coming to a public school near you!

"As in a novel by Agatha Christie, I am increasingly seeing that Christianity is the real culprit of white decline (something like an HIV virus), and Jewish subversion is simply a secondary infection (like pneumonia)." - Chechar


@RandolphScott I like Varg, although I think he goes to far in his critique of civilization. Did you know his real name used to be Christian? I understand why he changed it lol

@Alex_Linder "Here's the point. We know from biology that competing species or subspecies, compete for space until one is vanquished. Apply that known factual truth to human beings. And turn it into a philosophy. The result will look like judaism, not christianity. Since humans are cleverer than other species, jews produced an anti-natural philosophy for competitors"

@Alex_Linder "Nature's constitution is the only one you can trust. Hmm...rifling thru it with my thumby thumb thumb what do it say It says: two subspecies fight for territory until one is vanquished. And no fag judge from California is going to overturn that ruling. It's a law, rather, that you can absolutely trust MEANS WHAT IT SAYS AND WILL BE ENFORCED."

@Alex_Linder "Denying men are animals and denying that nature's laws apply to men - christianity does both of these. That's what makes it liberalism. Those poisoned by it will lose to competing species whose views are in line with reality. Jews, for instance."

@Alex_Linder You say you don't agree with Hitler on appeals to nature. Don't you do something similar when you say nature operates on genocide (subspecies battling it out) and applying it to humans? from your old posts on Gab --> alexlinder.com/gabs.html