Video of unarmed black man shot by Atlanta police sparks massive outrage amidst George Floyd protests

A video of two Atlanta police officers shooting an unarmed black man who later died is sparking massive outrage and accusations of police brutality and racism. Details of the case are still scarce. Read Full Article at

The out of control situation in Seattle isn’t an “autonomous zone.” It’s a “Biden zone,” and it’s a preview of what America’s cities would look like if Joe Biden is elected in November. #Biden #Democrats #Seattle #Trump

Full-List of bots:

Today is an important anniversary: the birth of the Department for Buggering Up Remain. 😂 May they be forever mocked.

Remember to trust the "experts" they would never lie or do you any harm?

Hundreds of Polish nationalists clash with pro-gay protesters, burning multiple gay pride flags.

Does anyone remember the Flu Pandemic of 1918 which killed about 50 million people wordwide and some 675,000 in America?

Apparently it is likely to have originated in China. But probably not wanting to sound racist they decided to call it the Spanish Flu instead of Chinese Flu...sound familiar?!

Although the caronavirus is unlikely to be that destrucitve, it goes to show how quick things can get out of hand.

Coronavirus...choose the most likely scenario

"The New York Times recently published an opinion piece by its gun-grabbing, open borders in-house 'conservative' columnist Bret Stephens asserting that Ashkenazi Jews are an elite race by nature of their superior heredity, culture and soul."

A #loxist diatribe in the Jew York Times? What a shock!

It's always struck me as suspicious that #Einstein was so mathematically inept that he had to get his first wife to do his calculations. Seems strange considering the theories he's famous for require complex math. Not to mention that ol' Onestone didn't even credit the scientists (all gentile) whose theories he used as the building blocks for his own. The famous equation E=mc(2) wasn't his, despite what the media have led the public to believe.

The MSM seldom mentions the subversive political activities he was involved in, and doesn't try to explain why this alleged "pacifist" urged the US Government to build an atomic bomb. It seems Einstein only became a pacifist when those nukes he had demanded were turned on the Soviet Union after the Second World War. Quite the hypocrite, he was!

Just how many oversight "committees" exist?
That's a lot of well paid members! Is dis territorial?

Senate Ethics Committee
House Ethics Committee
House Judiciary Committee
NY Mafia Extortion Committee
Mickey Mouse Club Committee
New York state bar Grievance Committee (oooh boy, this one's duh bomb)

...and not one's gonna call for a hit? Hey um call Joey...

In the “new normal” of social distancing, governments could dictate who you’re allowed to socialize with and punish wrongdoers via a smart phone tracking app.

The United Nations has put out a tweet asserting that people shouldn’t use politically incorrect terms like “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” “husband” and “wife” in order to “help create a more equal world.”

A CNN reporter who tried to shame Trump administration officials for not wearing face masks was forced to go on the defensive after she was caught removing her own mask immediately after a press briefing ended.

Psychotherapist Dr Hugh Willbourn says lockdown zealots are displaying all the classic signs of cult members by doubling down on their beliefs despite having been proven wrong.

"Anti-Semitic" image seen in Cleveland, Ohio. The goyim rebel against confinement. (4 + 1)

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