Avoiding Nordicism is an effect of being propagandized by the enemies.

@TheIronHeart maybe but it's just not relevant when we're fighting an outside enemy.

no one's trying to force-amalgamate anyone, at least i'm not

@Alex_Linder Yes. But you suggested the idea of a White mafia. Scandinavians just aren't fit for it. Italians are. Russians as well. Irish are the curious outstanding example here.

@TheIronHeart not just mafia but a gang. which is more of a circumstances thing.

some people are

loose morally or amoral
hate niggers
smart enough to understand who sicced niggers on us

someone like this...might well rationally start a 'gang' or more neutrally progress group for political ends through the accumulation of money and power

@Alex_Linder @TheIronHeart A quiet example of this is those extended family units that work together to invest & get rich. What was the name of that family in Texas that paid for med school for family members, who in turn provided free medical for the clan? Bass?

Even the fucking dotheads do it: it's why they virtually own the 'Murcan motel & convenience store rackets, while dumbass Whites stick with Muh Rugged Individualism....🤧

@TheIronHeart from what i've read, it's more a small-nation thing. they get dominated by large countries. so they learn a secret language among themselves. in sicily that translated into mafia. i dont know that that's racial.

the comparative stranger-trust of the north vs south is definitely a factor.

gangs are the natural form of ethnic/racial protection where the state has broken down (urban areas) or stood down (as in prison)

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