If you know you have the truth and the facts on your side you can easily sit down and calmly explain your case. Like Pierce or Duke. They had no need to get all riled up explaining their case.

Ever seen a jew explain his case calmly? Always itching about, getting aggressive, raising his voice and smearing people.

@TheIronHeart they are perfectly calm in Tablet. which is written for fellow jews.

@Alex_Linder It's a good mag. Weird how it feels completely natural reading jews taking the jews side automatically but reading Whites doing the same is somehow a dirty thing.

Well, that's what we've been teached to think any way.

@TheIronHeart It shows that jews know how to look at matters, even highly emotional ones, logically and contextually. So when the avoid those treatments in their media for us, they do it deliberately. They are deliberately inflammatory, dishonest, and decontextualizing.

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