@RandolphScott Yeah, I am born early 90's so never grew up in Sweden proper, there had been immigrants coming for decades by then although in low numbers and primarily consisting of Finns, Chileans and Southern Europeans. But the difference between say 2000 and today is massive.

It's all very sad. I miss the Sweden I grew up in.

@Alex_Linder @RandolphScott Olof Palme being sympathetic to socialists all around the world, he sympathized with the Allende Chileans I guess. The Pinochet coup supported by the US triggered all that. Iranians also came here after the Islamic revolution 1979, also communists.

@TheIronHeart @Alex_Linder @RandolphScott Fuck Palme. The guy who offed him is a hero, and a timely example.

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