catholicism is extremely bigoted. it believes that it is the one true way, and that it alone is what it calls civilized. it will concede nothing to racialists and it will ABSOLUTELY work WITH jew-communists (after all, jews created both catholicism and communism) to defeat any form of white racialism.

the catholics know what they are doing; ye who buffoonishly try to mix christinsanity and racialism most assuredly do not.


@Alex_Linder It's an underrated aspect of National Socialism, it was an attempt at replacing Christianity and it was glorious as evident by the response of the German people. Look at the funerals you can see on tape, no crosses there. The Nazi flags all around.

Today we have morons who believe Hitler and the NS movement was christian. As I posted the other day, not once in nearly a thousand pages of Hitler speeches, he mentions Jesús (spanish accent).

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