whites eagerly throw their own kind to the wolves


@Alex_Linder This is probably the most egregious example I've seen of this in Sweden:

"THE YEAR WAS 1989. 17-year-old Sara and her friend Sylvia were murdered by the Eritrean refugee and Sara's ex-boyfriend Samson Mahare. The murder took place in Härnösand - a small town that had begun to receive refugees as early as the mid-1980s - and was the first double murder in Sweden in 250 years."

@Alex_Linder "No one can deny that Sara and her girlfriend would still be alive today had it not been for the drive of the multicultural society.

After the murder, something absurd and disgusting happened. Sara's father, Stig Wallin, became involved and became a leader in the anti-racist campaign 5i12 movement as a kind of angered statement that people were upset over the murder."

@Alex_Linder "In doing so, Stig Wallin signaled that we must forgive those who violate our people and accept the bloody consequences of multiculturalism.

We who were active in the national struggle then - or as in my case a few years later - remember how Stig Wallin's disgrace of his own daughter was highlighted as something of a sunny story in the media, in the country's schools and among politicians."

@Alex_Linder "His organization had the full support of the system and still has it today. The criminals who control did not want the murder of Sara and Sylvia to lead to a backlash from other Swedes."

@TheIronHeart so he's the perfect swedish counterpart of mr tibbett (?) up in iowa last year

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