Goebbels was so spot on.

"Nothing is more characteristic of the Jewish-plutocratic view of the world, life and history than its tendency to gradually but inevitably transform all values in a negative direction... The hero was fool, the coward the honorable man."

Heroes and Film Heroes
by Joseph Goebbels

@TheIronHeart Goebbels was certainly right that the kike turns reality & values upside down (look at this concerted full-force campaign of nigger worship vs. White vilification) - but his smear of MacArthur as an incompetent coward was rank bullshit: whenever the japs bombed Corregidor, he CAME OUT of those bomb-proof tunnels into the open; he carried a revolver in his back pocket for when they finally stormed the island, intending to put the last round in his own head.

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