Denver Police Dept.
Update: Further investigation has determined the suspect is a private security guard with no affiliation with Antifa. Additional information will be released as it becomes available.

[believe anything you read in controlled media, which certainly includes all Fox, at your own peril]


@Alex_Linder Antifa gets away with it because of their superior optics, don't they? 😆 🤡

@TheIronHeart @Alex_Linder "We need to have 'good optics' to appeal to white people". If you want to appeal to most white people, don't be racist. For most white people, nothing is more unappealing than racism. Racism itself is bad optics. Being racist and having good optics are incompatible. The majority of white people hate open racism. For them good optics is Antifa/niggers and LGBT or cuckservatism. In 2020, being a white person who wants your race to survive is the epitome of bad optics.

@Joseph_Walsh @TheIronHeart we must appeal to -- dont even bother talking to people who think like this, it's a biological problem.

@Alex_Linder @TheIronHeart Our peasants/the Aryan goyim are not to be 'appealed to' like they are thinking adults. Most normie white people only understand the lash of their Master's whip i.e. the FEAR of authority (whoever has a monopoly on violence) punishing them by sending them to prison or murdering them. Begging for the 'approval' of mentally immature/retarded fearful peasants is a fool's errand and a failed strategy. But of course you know all this already Alex.

@Joseph_Walsh @TheIronHeart the mass of whites will follow leadership. the problem is with the elites. they sold out for money. they agreed to be turned into eunuchs or domesticated animals. we must get rid of christianity - that is the road to conquering jews.

@TheIronHeart yeah. 99% of humanity doesnt question its own ideas by looking at them backwards, or TRYING to break them BEFORE accepting them.

yeah optics explains the success of the left. a crue rejected by SS Yarrrrrrrrr

"i cant believe we're losing to these guys!"

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