Japan plans to boost its tumbling birth rate by funding artificial intelligence matchmaking schemes to help residents find love.

From next year it will subsidise local governments already running or starting projects that use AI to pair people up.

Last year the number of babies born in Japan fell below 865,000 - a record low.

@TheIronHeart I like the idea. Basically anything is better than "let's replace the local population with brown savages".
@rasterman @TheIronHeart The single most fertility rate killing phenomena is women in their 20s entering college. So I doubt anything that Japan does will raise their fertility rate.
@TheMadPirate @rasterman @TheIronHeart
after them being an American puppet I shouldn't be surprised, but it's a bit shocking to know their colleagues colleges are liberal

they certainly don't seem to be decaying as fast as the west but I don't follow Nippon news :02_think:
@Elfie @TheIronHeart @rasterman Whereas is the west the fertility rate decline is fueled by man-hating feminism, in Japan is fueled by man-exploiting traditionalism. But in both cases gynocentrism is at the core of it, both societies still see men as the ones who must immolate themselves for the good of women....the same women who are now having children in their 30s instead of their 20s and whose expectations have become totally unrealistic.
@TheMadPirate @TheIronHeart The Japanese are practical people. They might start subsidising people who form families, kind of like what Russia is doing (allegedly) now. Surprising that they'd go AI before paying people to have kids.
@rasterman @TheIronHeart I very much doubt that they will take the appropriate measures, like Victor Orban did. The backlash and pressure to roll them back from their Western business associates would be swift and hard. And to an extent, Japan's economy can not afford to be isolated.
@TheMadPirate @TheIronHeart If there's a will, there's a way.

The question is whether there's a will.
@rasterman @TheIronHeart

It's all bullshit

They're not breeding because they're working too much to pay taxes for "muh poor"

Cut taxes
@amerika @TheIronHeart I don't know that much about Japan's economy. Do they have high tax rates?
@rasterman @TheIronHeart

Any state with entitlements has a high tax rate. I believe Japan is 55%
@amerika @TheIronHeart My country has a lower tax rate. We should be richer than Japan. :pepesad:
@rasterman @TheIronHeart

If you kick productivity up to their levels -- real productivity, not the on paper stuff -- you can do it, no doubt. Also a few other factors.
@TheMadPirate @TheIronHeart @rasterman

If you promote the people who value achievement, then you take care of all those problems.
@amerika @TheIronHeart @rasterman I know, right ?

The problem with this damn latin american shithole country is that most people here still idolize those who promote laziness and mediocrity, from Evan Peron to Diego Maradona.
@rasterman @TheIronHeart @amerika Do you remember a few years ago when there was a push for the FIFA to "retire" thee #10 tee shirt ?
@TheMadPirate @TheIronHeart @amerika FIFA or AFA? I remember it being a thing. I just can't believe it was a FIFA thing.
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