Do you see any 'original' people around any more? I don't mean drug addicts or the like, I mean people who are just... a bit outside the normal. Every community used to have these, they seem to have vanished these days. I remember a few of them growing up. These odd people you saw every now and then but who wasn't alkies or doing drugs. Just people out of the ordinary who had their own little customs.

@TheIronHeart all i see are people looking at phones and people almost too stupid to drive minivans

@TheIronHeart I think you're right, now that you mention it. Growing up in the 80s we had an old retired gentleman in town who had taken the frame of a model T and built a replica of an old fashioned streetcar on top. Bright red with gold painted trim. There were about a half dozen wooden bench seats and he'd drive this thing around our small town with his family and friends aboard and I used to wave at them from the yard, thinking it was the greatest thing. Hm there was also this woman, who I suppose was white but she had this very dark, almost greenish skin that looked very bizarre, along with these pale blue ghostly eyes which popped out of her head. She smoked those black cigarettes and had an odd voice. She looked too unique to be ugly, but I always enjoyed seeing her at festivals just because she looked so out of place.

I suppose everyone is too busy being hooked up to their televisions these days to come outside and be harmlessly eccentric, but I do miss having weirdos around that weren't on drugs.

@TheIronHeart there is one guy in the town I work in, an old man that drives a car with a bunch of weird things stuck to it, not one inch of car shows through. I have a picture I took about 6 months ago while at the red light, I'll find it

@su @TheIronHeart We used to have an old man like this in our town. In fact, he'd go as far as to troll four frickin' states in his stickered up pickup truck. Haven't seen hide or hair of 'em in a coon's age, now. Last I heard, he'd gotten himself into some sorta scrap with a pack of trannies in an Oregon college town. He was an on'ry lookin' old cuss. I wouldn't have wanted to tangle with him myself, but the jews have some hellbent proxies and he'd pissed them off quite a bit over the years.

@JimmyMarr @TheIronHeart

"Old man that drives around town with weird things stuck to it"

Not you 😆 you are adorable and if I saw you, I'd stop you and give you a kiss right on your cheek.

lol here he is

@TheIronHeart The few who survive grade school become experts at hiding in a crowd out of necessity, who only express themselves online out of fear of ostracism.
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