Do you know what Solshenitzyn regretted the most about how the Russians acted during and after the Judeo-Bolshevist takeover and subsequent terror against wrong-thinkers?

That they didn't rise up and physically fight back.

@TheIronHeart @leyonhjelm That passage just shows how retarded the old antisemite was. For one thing, imagine for a moment that something he's envisioned occurred. What would happen next is bolsheviks come back and massacre the whole city, and that would be the end of it. In addition, people come back from gulag. Solzhenitsin himself is one. Isn't it much better not to rock the boat?

No. That's a retarded idea. Always rock that boat. If the Bolsheviks come to my neighbourhood to kill us I intend to take at least one to the grave with me.

@leyonhjelm @union @TheIronHeart Even if one survives the gulags it still results in irreversible collective spiritual damage that simply killing a mass of bolshies would obviously be the better choice. Gulags are for snivelling vile little cowards. Mass graves are for the bold. Death comes only once to the courageous and is no more. Death is a ceaseless terror for the craven even if they live another worthless day.
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