@TheIronHeart I bet Mark Zuckberg will abide, you know, just to prove that Jews do not Censor in the Internet.
@TheIronHeart And I bet Jeff Bezos will abide to, just to prove the same thing.
@TheMadPirate @TheIronHeart "And I bet Jeff Bezos will abide to, just to prove the same thing."

Andy Jassy who's run the AWS from the beginning, and that for example banned Parlar out of fear Trump would move to it plus a whole lot of other right of center social media, is going to become the CEO of all of Amazon in a quarter. Three guesses what the second sentence in "Early life and education" says...: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Jassy#Early_life_and_education
@ThatWouldBeTelling @TheMadPirate @TheIronHeart He comes from a nice Protestant family from Iowa? No?

He's an Italian Catholic from NJ? No?

I got it, he's one of those 1st generation 3rd world immigrants we're told make our country so strong? Wait, he's none of these?

@TheIronHeart Irony is never lost by these gaslighting jews.

@TheIronHeart Word on the streets is they cry out in pain as they strike you....

@TheIronHeart "I'm not saying he can't say these fringe ideas, but they belong on the fringe, not on mainstream television"., ... BTW, I'll use my lobbying powers to deplatform every fringe social site so those ideas don't get to exist anywhere at all.
@TheIronHeart I couldn't find a single video of Tucker's last night show on Youtube. Is he shadow banned? His channel is there, but I can't find clips at all. I did find the ADL account with the Kike above making his comments. The faggots disabled likes and dislikes, as well as comments. The Kikes might die if someone opines unfavourably in their direction.
@ChristiJunior @TheIronHeart The second video is the one they watched on Killstream. I wrote the *exact* title and it didn't come up. I started with the first couple words, and nothing, then added more and more until I had the exact one and it still never showed up. I just changed ISPs. Maybe this ISP from Argentina has a very specific agenda against Fox News videos on... OK, it's likely something else.
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