@TheIronHeart There is absolutely no illusion of due process anymore if you're white. If the cops come for you because you were white in proximity to minorities, or even being white without being ashamed of it, start shooting and don't stop until they run out of cops or you run out of ammo.

Thing is, most white people don't seem to have this impression yet. What will it take to get whitey to wake up?

@NEETzsche @TheIronHeart Probably someone doing just that and then actually getting away with it.

@Ricotta @NEETzsche @TheIronHeart
Exactly. You can have 1000 negative examples, but all you'll get will be learned helplessness.

These people lack a single example of what TO DO instead.

@LukeAlmighty @Ricotta @NEETzsche @TheIronHeart What about the guy who blasted a couple of FBI agents that were raiding his home? It happened early this year. I don't know the details, but it sounded inspiring.

That's not happening. Anybody who decides to start shooting cops is ultimately going to get put down. My thing is, most whites aren't at the point where they're even willing to discuss the objective reality that they're being attacked for being white. They're either legitimately ignorant or in some kind of denial

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