The elites despise you.

Executives at one of the US’s largest drug distributors circulated rhymes and emails mocking “hillbillies” who became addicted to opioid painkillers even as the company poured hundreds of millions of pills into parts of Appalachia at the heart of America’s opioid epidemic.

@TheIronHeart I've seen it, a friend here who had a tooth pulled at a dentist chain store place called "Aspen dental" got prescribed hydrocodeine. For a pulled tooth.

@su @TheIronHeart Best not to risk resorting to that shit unless pain is unbearable. Stick to the OTC painkillers.

@NBForrest @TheIronHeart I don't, they took my morphine pump off when I had a surgery because I hardly used it and only took half a hydrocodeine at home, the feeling from those is worse than the pain for me, I don't know how ppl can take that stuff. I'd rather have pain and be awake

@su @TheIronHeart I got an opioid for back pain due to a hospital bed (which are always back-breakers for some insane reason): the drowsiness is creepy.

@NBForrest @TheIronHeart I've heard back pain is hard to deal with. I cant imagine. Someone told me that if you take one Tylenol and one ibuprofen, the pain relieving effect is the same as a narcotic, if that helps any

@su @TheIronHeart Thanks, I might try it. Right now, the trouble is pain in the right hip & a burning ache in the left leg; the leg I suspect is varicose veins.

It's always some bullshit...

@NBForrest @TheIronHeart I think you need a vacation to a hot spring. Get better! ❤️

@NBForrest @TheIronHeart it's coming on rain here, maybe you feel it. I usually do since I was a kid but not today. Could be it?

@su @TheIronHeart Nah, it's been going on for several months. I looked up the symptoms of vericose veins - burning aches, itching, feeling of fullness - that matches.. They're usually not a hard fix.

@NBForrest @su @TheIronHeart What I found is Vicodin, Oxy's did not really do much for pain they just made me high and not care.
I get by on 800mg Ibu, Prednisone and Kratom.
@TheIronHeart remember that fag from NRO who said "white rural people need to die out"? same energy
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