Mexico unironically is ripe for a R2P intervention.

Since the start of the electoral process in September, more than 80 politicians have been murdered, most of them gunned down. Between February and April this year, more than 50 elected officials, members of political parties and candidates were killed, which is around 40% more than before the 2018 elections, Mexican consulting firm Integralia reports.

@TheIronHeart Can you guess what’s one of the largest (((minority groups))) in Mexico?

Heres a policy purposal: Once we’re in power, cut mexico in half. The north half will be a US buffer state inhabited by Castizos. They’ll be the bullwark against the mestizo hoards from central/south america.

@Leonidas @TheIronHeart

based and white supremacy pilled. if the cartels get uppity just deploy the orbital directed energy weapons platforms and toast their stupid spic villages

@AlbinoMutant @TheIronHeart The US’s biggest future export will be Castizos. Call it the worlds biggest Mestizo Refinery


Little known fact, Mexico is already in the middle of a low intensity civil war. It's just the media will never call it that because part of the American Empire's house of cards is Pax Americana for the continent.
@LouisConde @TheIronHeart I don't think the original one is still up, but there is a sort of successor website
"Responsibility to Protect" is gay as AIDS

The Mexicans are merely returning to their natural state. It should be respected.

The only responsibility we have is to build a hundred-foot-tall wall covered with razor wire and AI-operated autocannons to keep those bloodthirsty cockroaches from crawling north.
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