Pretty straightforward...

"These posters were intended for use in schools to teach Nazi racial doctrines."

The title: “Costs for the genetically ill — social consequences.”

The left frame notes that an institution that houses 130 feeble-minded costs about 104,000 Reichsmarks a year. The right frame notes that that is enough to build 17 houses for healthy working class families.

The text in red at the bottom: “The genetically ill are a burden for the people.”

@TheIronHeart eugenics is objectively good. iceland has totally eliminated down syndrome cos they aborted all the fetuses which had it lol
@TheIronHeart denmark seems to be the most based nordic country. they're like the anti-sweden lol
@acacia227 @TheIronHeart I agree, denmark is like what finland and norway could've been if they hadn't started sucking the dicks of every 'minority' claiming to be opressed, fuck the jews.
Finland used to be such a based country when I was a kid, makes me depressed, just the other day I saw the ugliest motherfucking tranny I've ever seen, I live in a small town on the country side so it was a major shock
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